About Me

Fazrul Rosli

Qualitative Researcher / Moderator in Malaysia

Fazrul can most often be found in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He is a qualitative researcher and freelance moderator with a decade of experience in market research. He has worked extensively across industries like automotive, FMCG, tobacco, technology, retail, finance and politics.

Before that? He did all kind of odd jobs. Selling pirated DVDs? Check. Working in a call centre? Check. Event organiser, sales promoter? Check. Construction worker, restaurant waiter? Oh yeah. But he always has a passion for good conversation, translating marketing jargon to plain daily language and help companies and individuals connect to their customers.

He is fluent in Malay and English and can speak and understand most dialects in Malaysia. Now, he is trying to learn the programming language with the hope that he would moderate groups in Javascript or C++ one day.

When he’s not working, he enjoys beaches, football, hanging out with friends, collecting stray cats or slaying noobs in online games. He doesn’t particularly enjoy porridge, social media or writing about himself in the third person.

Services That I Offer

I genuinely believe that work shouldn’t feel like work. My services and swords are for hire


  • Focus Group Moderation
  • In-Depth Interview
  • Ethnography Moderation


  • Topline / Full Report
  • Discussion Guide
  • Proposal Writing


  • Qualitative Tutorials
  • Quantitative Tutorials
  • Market Research


  • Malay to Malay
  • English to English
  • Malay to English


I am blessed to work with so many amazing people

Ian Kwan

Commercial Officer of Kantar Malaysia

“While Fazrul may appear to be a soft-spoken person, his critical thinking & structuring with information leads to insights which worth a debate. He’s definitely a good listener and a challenger or provoker, traits which are necessary & critical expected from an expert Qualitative consultant. Fazrul is creative in delivering his analysis & thoughts, making it really easy for the audience to understand.”

Calvin Tan

Senior Project Manager of Ipsos Malaysia

“Fazrul has been a great asset as a qualitative researcher and he always shares his vast knowledge within the team for growth. I have personally learned a lot and received lots of positive feedback from clients across different industries (tobacco, oil & gas, etc). He has strong critical thinking when it comes to analysis and able to produce great reports yet easy to understand”